As we hopefully reach the end of a crazy few years, it is probably time to start thinking about marketing, and the marketing photographers should do during 2021 and moving into 2022 to try and catch up on an industry that has been very hard hit.

I am sure you will have heard me say at some point, I do my marketing on a Monday, mostly because it illiterates. I like the sound of “Marketing Monday” even if it does often happen on a different day of the week.

The Marketing Photographers Should Do

As part of my Marketing Monday I have a check list of the basics that must be completed. Yes, there is far more to it than this, but this is a great start if you are at the point of wondering what marketing photographers should be doing. It is also worth mentioning that the biggest part of your marketing should be your product itself. For me that is my website over at where I showcase my commercial food and drink photography work, and more recently my commercial food and drink videography work.

Here is a checklist for the marketing photographers should do each week

The Marketing Photographers Should Do

Marketing Monday

Marketing Monday
TASKWeek 1Week 2 Week 3 Week 4    
Research People in agencies and Agents to build mail lists        
Email current clients        
New Project Ideas        
SEO on files for website        
Blog post and content for social        
IG posts for the week written and saved to phone        
E cards for mailshots        
Print media designs        

The list above is a simple checklist of what I make sure is completed as a minimum each week. If you want to learn more about this and full details of exactly what and how I marketing and advertise my commercial food and drink photography then you can download my Marketing 101 workshop here

Following on from my previous online workshop,

The session will be predominantly looking at how to market yourself as a professional photographer looking to make a good, full time living from the industry. It is an instant download

This workshop is aimed at both complete beginners to the world of professional photography as well as anyone who is finding that they just can’t seem to get the right jobs. So do not feel intimidated if you currently know nothing, all will make sense soon…

We will cover;

How to brand yourself – names, logos, stationary, websites

How to get noticed as a photographer

Website style and structure (not the physical how to build side)

Bios, contacts pages, and blogs

How to use social media as a commercial photographer

How to use e shots as part of your marketing

How to find the right people to contact

How to use your portfolio as your branding tool

How to approach people you wish to work with

Mailing lists

Very basic SEO

How to bring traffic into your website

I will then be recording my “Marketing Monday” to show you exactly what I do once per week for my marketing so you have an idea as to exactly what goes into this each week.

Please note, due to the limited number of spaces available, refunds will not be available once you have made your booking.

I hope this has been some help in understanding the marketing photographers should do in 2021

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Pro food photographer with a can-do approach, in-depth understanding of technical requirements and bags of experience delivering successful campaigns on time and within budget, I’m proud to have so many long-term clients.  Having been a professional food photographer for over a decade, there are few problems that I haven’t had to face.

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